Govdeals wilmington nc

Normal Priority Meet at Davis Ave. Discover the shorebirds that inhabit NC beaches during the Winter time, especially the gray clusters of birds that rest along the sand bars and scurry in and out of the tidal zones.

Important Notice

Hear the stories of these amazing migrants and the challenges they face throughout their journeys. Hands-on field experience will improve your birding skills as we learn identification tricks and behavioral cues together. All levels of experience are welcome! This workshop will be entirely outdoors, and we will still bird in a drizzle. Please wear weather appropriate attire and bring plenty of water and binoculars.

If you do not have binoculars, some will be provided limited quantity. We will be hosting monthly beach bird hikes through April so stay tuned for future hikes! Feb 13, Importance: Feb 19, Importance: Normal Priority The Board of Commissioners will officially start the budget season with its annual retreat on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 19 th and 20 th. The Board will be considering short term and long-term goals for the Town as we begin to plan for a new budget for Fiscal Year We invite you to give us your thoughts on the issues that are important to you.

The meeting is open to the public, or you can email your thoughts to the Town Manager at townmanager topsailbeach. We look forward to hearing from you. Feb 20, Importance: If you are interested in serving on a Board or Committee please fill out the following application and return to Town Hall or email to townclerk topsailbeach. Flood Information For emergency updates, please visit: For any additional Town information please complete the following form: Public Information Request Form Please click the following link for a complete listing of upcoming courses in our area: Their customer support is the worst..

I was unable to pick up an item and was a few hours late. That does not matter to them. I think most of the positive posts here are made by Gov deals workers to cover their company. LETS see them ban a Township for bidding fraud, I over hard one township worker commenting on how he bid on a vehicle, is that fair?

Consumer reviews about

Or lets see Gov Deals refund a transaction when what we buy is not as described and actually missing parts that were there in the photos. Gov Deals does not care. They are all about the money and buyer beware it seems. They are just [censor]s. When I register, they told me my address cannot be verified and asked me to send them a recent utility bill. I sent them the bill and never hear back from them.

What a bunch a [censor]s that runs this company. My brother asked me what site I buy my surplus items on. I told him govdeals.

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With in the last few weeks he purchased something off the site and didnt follow through with the terms and conditions. When govdeals locked my brothers account, they also locked mine for what they call association. Ive purchased at least 12 items mostly cars and have followed through each time. Ive called and questioned them about my account being locked.

Govdeals wilmington nc

They reply that as soon as my brother clears his matter with them that I can continue to do buisness as usual. Can they really hold my brothers actions against me? I like the site and it is a value to my lifestyle Someone explain this one. Over the years I have purchased a few things from GovDeals. I have also noticed the initials of the winning bids that I focus on always seem to be the same person, I have started to put two and two together.

Unless he has millions of dollars to waste, there is something fishy going on here.

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I bid on some jewelry the other day, 5 min before it closed, it was at 3k, in 5 mins, it went from 3 k to 6k. I do a lot of trading in that business, and there was not 6k worth of value in the lot. If you know anything about Jewelry, you would have known that.

Procurement Options - Wave Transit

This is what I know about Goverment deals. Having worked with them the following is true! Often they will over inflate the starting bid on a item to sometimes discourage bidders so that they can have there people bid on the item and get it at a resale value price. This is to avoid small claims lawsuits and complaints from customers on a item that they mis represented!

Wave Transit Procurement

They are having there people buy against you on this website and then selling the items on ebay and trough other methods! Govdeals in plain terms is BS. They are catering for the interests of the agencies selling through them and not, the interest of it's buying customers. I refused to pay for one of the Transit Buses I bid on there, because the selling agency falsified their advertising as the buses being in a certain condition, and when I went to pay and pick up and DID refuse payment for one bus, Albert Eby of Wave Transit in Wilmington NC, refuse to release my title, keeps me waiting for over 5 hrs pretending to be at a board meeting and Govdeals bans you.

Why they will not investigate my assertion of False advertising on the part of the agency, I don't know. Now they are banning anyone they assume is associated with me or even if someone buy on your behalf, that someone also stands in their wrath of getting banned or having their account locked. I can't wait to see a New Auction site arise and take over their business.

You company and bankrupcy will soon be bedfellows if such attitude persists any more longer.

How made me money!

I quit buying on GovDeals when I bid on an item and won. GovDeals sent me their award certificate. About a week later, a GovDeal representative called, stating that the seller had cancelled the auction, that my bid amount was too low and seller decided not to sell. I reminded him that an award certificate had been sent, that the auction ended, not cancelled, with my bid as the successful winning bid. Too bad he said. I have never been back to site again. I have been buying equipment, chairs, tables lamps etc This is the worst costumer service I have ever dealt with.

They just do not care about you or the money they could be making if they were customer oriented. They use there power corruptly by blocking accounts if you have a phone confrontation with them. Apparently my husband and I can not have a separate accounts even though we own different businesses. They told me that he was not allowed to bid on items because I was bidding also so they blocked his account.

We have always followed through with our transactions with them. Something is strange, it is almost like they are dicouraging participation, and bidding!!! The customer service people do not care and the manager snidely referred be to other sites, like go here instead! It is so frustrating.