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By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. We extend the classical coupon collector problem to find the expected number of selections needed to collect m i possible random copies of coupon i, when the distribution of the coupons is not necessarily equally likely. Upper and lower bounds which provide limiting asymptotics are also obtained for the expected number of selections needed to fulfill a random quota for each coupon. We extend this settings to the case where some queries to the oracle produce erroneous information, and where certain points, termed outliers, do not belong to any clusters.

The Double Dixie Cup Problem.

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Asymptotics for the random coupon collector problem. But brands are still balking at the efficacy of digital coupons, all the while taking advantage of the targeting flexibility and, perhaps more importantly, the ability of "capping" the markdown expense by simply "deactivating" the offer once a threshold of coupons have been either redeemed or "digitally clipped.

The fact of the matter is that brands very much like the "advertising equity" that paper coupons and paper circular placements provide, elements that digital coupons do not typically offer. Accordingly, what we have today are digital offers that "float" invisibly and out of the stream of consciousness of the consumer, coupled with the possibility that the deal could vaporize at any moment at the discretion of the brand making.

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So it would seem to me that if we could retain all the benefits of "invisibility," yet provide more tangible reminders and evidence of digital offers, we just might see the engagement rates of digital offers increase significantly. In-store "recognition" may manifest in various forms.

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It could be an app that senses where you are in the store, or a targeted SMS text message, a printed shopping list loaded at the retailer's website or at an in-store kiosk, or a number of other new "at the shelf" message venues. But more often than not, this recognition will be a good ol' sign that breaks through the clutter. Realizing that targeted offers cannot be signed with item and price as they are often directed to a subset of shoppers, support signage can come in the form of general information about the ability to receive offers by signing up for the program.

However, it is important that a digital specific price and item program anchor the digital program. This can be accomplished by the retailer offering and showcasing each week an array of digital deals that either are stand alone offers or, even more effective, bolster existing traditional offers as a "digital bonus. What steps can be taken at the store level to drive digital coupon adoption? Do paper coupons and paper circular placements hold an insurmountable advantage in driving traffic to stores and supporting "advertising equity" for brands?

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Comments from the RetailWire BrainTrust: If they want to reap the advantages of these promotional offers, retailers need to regularly remind consumers that they are offering digital coupons. Retailers also need to make it easy for consumers to view and select coupons. Brands can help by making the coupons valuable enough that consumers want to seek them out. As newspaper readership declines, it's important for retailers and brands to experiment with using digital coupons. By working together, brands and retailers can make digital couponing work.

Geotargeting apps appear to be the best way to alert customers to the availability of a digital coupon. The difficulty may lie in when a mass merchant has 25 digital coupons available.

Mark Jacobson Toyota Coupons

How does a customer sort through the digital noise? A bridge to that may be to sign the in-store product with "digital coupon available—download now" and that can prompt download of the retailer app or other third party digital coupon or wallet. Still today, paper coupons have that very tangible advantage of allowing the shopper to hold something physical in their hands.

This act of carrying a paper coupon denotes a more tangible value to the shopper I believe that over time, this necessity of holding paper will dissipate as Millennials take over the planet. The other aspect of digital coupons is that most people prefer to print them off, thereby making them a paper coupon, once again. As paper offers disappear, all shoppers will migrate more to digital, as they become the only option for discounts.

The industry must continue to push in that direction.

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The funny thing, is that there are still pockets of coupon clipping clubs around the US. No, but customers are used to it and frankly they love them.

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