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Double Attack style The adorable pigtail paired with those proactive bangs are sure to help you steal the heart of some cute guy. Gloria style It's very elegant and looks great on holy Priests. This style is most attractive to ladies who aren't that used to fighting with their hands. SP Recovery style To add more body to the special style of those bangs, I use a special conditioner that makes you feel like you're regaining SP Although, it actually doesn't. Prepare Potion style The flared out tresses are chosen by beginning Alchemists since early, explosive experiments would make their hair stick out anyway.

Grand Cross style It's in style amongst those pious Crusaders that need hair that won't muss during fights, yet is respectable enough to attend religious services. Plagiarize style The Rogue women seem to like this style Spiritual Sphere Absorption style There's a charismatic quality to this fashion: Service for You style Dancers seem to like this style, although personally, I think this fashion fits very well with glasses.

Auto Counter style This is an intimidating look for girls that want to say 'you hit me, I'll hit you back! Ankle Snare style The style is specially made for Hunters that don't like to get their hair tangled After all, what kind of Hunter lets their hair get trapped? Hammer Fall style For the woman that doesn't want her hair to get in the way when she's savagely swinging heavy objects. Of course, this is a Blacksmith favorite.

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Jupiter Thunder style A look that strikes like lightning without any of that annoying static cling or muss. This fashion looks great with Magician hats. Whirlwind Style A favorite amongst the studious Sages. The hair is tied back in a stylish braid so that it doesn't fly around after casting those windy spells.

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The Lighthalzen hairstylist by the name of Prince Shammi is located on the third floor of the Lighthalzen General Store. He offers a much smaller selection of hairstyles. The Old Hairstyles can be selected on the character creation screen, but the New Hairstyles are unavailable on it. Petit style This is the Petit style, which softens the gentleman's appearance with long braids for a fluffier look.

Executioner style It's a rugged, shaggy style for the tough guy look that's becoming popular these days. And every girl loves a tough guy, right? Prince style You certainly have an eye for fashion! Yes, this is the Prince style, the pinnacle of sexiness and sophistication. Magnifique, no? Yes, choose this one, this one! Deviace style This is much like the Prince style, but with shorter hair in the back. Yes, this look is very neat and dandy.

Aura Blade Cut You must be after a lady, yes? The Aura Blade Cut is known to make the ladies swoon, you tiger you! Power Swing Cut Oh, you brute! Flex your style muscles with this hairstyle. This is definitely your look. Renavatio Cut Ah!

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I see you're only interested in the latest trends. Straight from the runway is the Renavatio Cut. Spring Rabbit style The bobbing forelock adds and aura of chic, cutesiness , and playfulness. Oh yes! Medusa style These boldly-flowing locks scream power and dominance and is ideal for the big career woman who wishes to be Isis style Yes, you'll look very cute with your hair in buns on both sides of your head.

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It'll be very darling on you! Soul Changer Cut You must be a man killer, no? The Soul Changer Cut will make any man open his wall Sign In. From Ragnarok Wiki. Jump to: Emergency Heal Perm It is quite popular amongst the healing class. Assumptio Perm It's a shorter style perm that allows for maximum spellcasting. Axe Tornado Cut It's for adventurous people who like change.

Oratio Cut You'll be the envy of all of your friends with this hairstyle. The 8 hairs in Lighthazen are: Spring Rabbit Style ii. Harpy Style iii. Medusa Style iv. Assumtio Perm v. Isis Style vi. Soul Changer Cut vii. X Tornado Cut viii. Oratio Cut Male: Petite Style ii.

Executioner Style iii. Prince Style iv. The Deviace Style v. Emergency Heal Perm vi. Aura Blade Cut vii. Renovatio Cut viii. Power Swing Cut The rest are available in Alberta. W hat yo u need Hair Styling is not free!

You need certain material and cash to style your hair. I will list you the items and the amount of zeny that you need. And apparently upon recent updates , players are required to be of a certain level to make a hair change. I hope they erase this requirements. Hair Styling Items i. You can also random the hair at Lighthazen at the cost of: Item needed to dye only one dye at a time: You can refer that at: Where to go? Time to get lost! Lets find you the way to the Hair Dresser! The Hair Dresser in Alberta , 37 Service: Hair Dye Fee: Assistant Beautician - Lighthazen L.

G Store 3rd Floor Service: Random Hair Change Fee: Hair Dresser - Lighthazen L. Hair Dyer - Lighthazen L. If there is anything in particular anything that i miss or fgt or questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Or anyone, your beauty is important! Chaos Ygg , Classic. It should be stickied, and would be a lovely addition to the wiki. Thank you for the compliments. Will do more later on. Requesting sticky Edited by GinaKay, 22 December - Requesting sticky Apparently i didn't know about the names too until i made this guide.

Hahaha i was wondering about the same thing aswell. Why do we need more hairs in order to change hairs. Even if they do , why in a bunch of a amount? Didn't really get that part. Thank you for the compliments! Nothing Server: The Titanic. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

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The styles all look wonderful! Edited by Wanbege, 23 December - Apparently i am doing a hat encyclopedia. Dying clothes will be good too! I will try and do that.